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Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a popular form of treatment which has been practiced in
India for over 5000 years. Indian women traditionally practise Indian head massage
for all its theraputic benefits, (see below). The climate can be very hot and drying, so
the women use oils to keep the hair shiny and in good condition.

The skill has been handed down from generation to generation and members of the
family often give and receive massage. Babies are massaged daily from birth and will
continue to receive massage regularly through out their childhood. They gradually
learn how to give the treatment and continue this practice throughout their life.

What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage?

Massage has many benefits
• It promotes relaxation,
• Increases blood circulation to the head, neck and shoulders so that oxygen
and nutrients are delivered to the skin, helping to improve the condition of
the skin and stimulate hair growth.
• Improved circulation brings oxygen to the brain helping mental fatigue and
improving concentration.
• Relieves stiffness in the neck and shoulders.
• Massage relieves headaches caused by tension and eyestrain and muscular
tension is relieved.
• Increased lymphatic flow helps to get rid of toxins and other waste products
so aiding detoxification of the body.
• Massage helps with irritability and promotes sleep and the client feels
relaxed and calm.
• It breaks down the fibrositic nodules commonly known as knots that develop
from tension within the muscles
• It triggers the release of chemicals called endorphins that create a feeling of
happiness and contentment.

What is Indian Head Massage?

Most people are surprised to find that when they go for an Indian head massage the
therapist begins working on the upper back. The treatment continues to the neck,
shoulders and upper arms before moving on to the scalp and finally to the face.

If you are unsure about massage, never had one before, this is a good introduction as
it can be done whilst the client is fully dressed. It is often performed in this manner
at demonstrations and health shows. The massage is very effective and leaves the
client very relaxed.

Taking this a step further, obviously in a private setting, the client removes outer
clothing and uses towels to cover up, exposing only shoulders, upper back and neck
areas. The massage therapist can now use oils or creams in the massage.
Oils can be used in the hair although if the client prefers they can choose to have
this part of the massage without oil. However, use of oil can be very beneficial as it
gives the hair a conditioning treatment.

Following a treatment you will feel very relaxed. As with all therapies you will be
given a glass of water and advised to continue drinking water. This is because the
treatment moves toxins in the body and they need to be flushed out. If you don’t
drink water you risk developing a headache. You should also give yourself time to
relax and rest so helping the effects of the treatment to continue.

Give your body time to remember what it is like to be so relaxed and in so doing be determined to
feel like that again. Try not to drink tea, coffee or alcohol or smoke as these are
toxins and, having begun a process of detoxification, you don’t really want to add
more toxins. Tea and coffee are also stimulants so avoid these if you wish to prolong
the effects of your relaxing treatment. Remember the effects of a treatment continue
long after the treatment has been completed and it is up to the client to assist this

When you come to wash your hair following a treatment with oil, be sure to apply
shampoo before wetting the hair, massage in and rinse then continue as normal. In
this way the oil will be removed more effectively.

Regular Indian head massage treatment can be very beneficial in tackling the effects
of stress, head neck and shoulder tension. How often you have a treatment can be
determined between you and your therapist. In general however, especially if you
are suffering stress related problems, it is recommended that you should have a few
weekly treatments. This can then be reduced to fortnightly or monthly treatments as

Don’t forget that you don’t have to be ill to benefit from a treatment, you
can use it as an occasional reward to yourself.

Gift vouchers are also available and make a very welcome gift for all occasions.