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Reiki is a gentle treatment that involves a practitioner placing their hands gently in  a series of positiosn on or over the body – including the head, shoulders, arms and legs – to stimulate the body’s natural healing powers.

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Swedish Massage

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Swedish Massage

Massage is a way of manipulating the soft tissue of the body that has
developed over thousands of years. The hands are used to work on the
soft tissues, usually the muscles, aiming to relax, stimulate or
rehabilitate the whole body, or part of it. Massage helps to promote
suppleness of muscles, improves circulation and reduces stress,

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Holistic Therapies

Are you suffering from the effects of stress? 

 Do youwant to feel better? Reflexology is an effective way of helping the body to relax and begin a process of rebalancing that brings about a feeling of wellbeing.

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Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a popular form of treatment which has been practiced in
India for over 5000 years. Indian women traditionally practise Indian head massage
for all its theraputic benefits, (see below). The climate can be very hot and drying, so
the women use oils to keep the hair shiny and in good condition.

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